Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

my crazy life

I've got a lot going on lately, and have not recently had the time or the motivation to write for my blog at all. I've have bought a house, fallen in love, and I am yet again in search of a new job. Ironically, the reason I'm looking for a new job is because the person I am in love with is working at the same place--when my bosses (or someone up the chain of authority) found out, I was given 1 month's notice till the end of my contract (as I was working there as a contractor). Last Friday the 11th was my last day, but I can't complain. Good love has been a lot harder for me to come by than a good job. My area of expertise (C# development) is in pretty high demand, and I already have a few interviews set up for this week. The reason I have the spare time by myself to write this blog entry is because I had a job interview cancelled this morning (the interviewer called in sick). I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be working again by August.

Here is a picture of the house: