Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I had a chance today to sit by the river, go for a walk, and do some thinking today.
One thing I thought about was reason, and it's limitations. I have had bad reactions to mystical thinking before. I still do sometimes, but there is a way that I find it to be a deeply wonderful thing. I'm a bit torn between two ways of thinking. My rational mind wants to see everything from a scientific point of view, wanting to explain everything. Maybe I should say logical, not rational, because I don't think that what I'm contrasting this mindset with is irrational. Maybe non-rational, I don't know.
Anyway, back to sitting by the river. I feel an odd attraction to the river, and I have all my life. A sort of fascination. My boyfriend says that I should be attracted to water because I'm a Cancer. Now hold on a minute right here. I am strongly suspicious of astrology. It makes no sense to me that objects out in space influenced by personality by their configuration when I was born. It's illogical. However, the idea has a strange seduction to it. He also says that we (Cancer's that is, he was also born in June) are the "beasts of burden" for other people. This also strikes a chord with me, especially regarding my roomate. (Check previous posts.) Then jumps in the rational part of me that says "Well, yes you can take personality traits that you already know I have and then attribute them to a "sign," but just try to predict what a person is like based on their birth month. You can't do it, unless you just dabble in vagaries that could apply to anyone, and then only remember the bits that were right." Course, I don't tell him that, and I figure I never will. We just think differently about these things, and that is something that attracts me to him. No pressure, just temptation. He tempts me to believe. (Not just astrology, but other things that seem to be a lot closer to reality.) I don't believe in astrology, but maybe I could find some symbolic meaning in all of this . . .


Stardust said...

Things like astrology, are fun to play around with but I could never take it seriously. Like reading fortunes from fortune cookies. Several strangers who are totally different from one another could receive the same exact fortune and find a way it applies to each one of them in a different way, because in many ways we are alike, and many ways different from one another.

At the age of 51 I have discovered that life has no meaning except what each person makes of his or her life...what they do with the time they are alive.

I have a quote on my blog by Joseph Campbell:

"“Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is Whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.”

So many people are so worried about finding meaning for life that they forget to LIVE.

Alan said...

I have to say that since really embracing my 'Godlessness', I haven't found any battle between my (for lack of better word) spiritual side and my logical side. I don't relate my imagination, inspiration or sense of wonder to anything supernatural. To me, those things are all natural.