Thursday, December 11, 2008

American Atheists on the Kentucky Homeland Security Lawsuit

After having read the Brief, I was curious as to exactly why AA was asking for damages. This part of the suit has been critisisized by some who otherwise support the suit such as The Friendly Atheist. I have just now found the explaination from AA as to why they are asking for damages, and I think it sounds reasonable enough.

Why are we asking for Damages?
Frankly, because we have to. The US Supreme Court has determined, in a terrible decision last year, that citizens cannot sue the government for church/state separation issues without damages. We must abide by this decision to have standing.

However, we can and will drop this lawsuit for VERY minimal costs to the fine citizens of Kentucky if the State Attorney General declares this one provision illegal and takes it off the books. Of course, the longer they wait, and the more they fight, the higher the costs which must be recovered.

There is also more Q&A about the suit at

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