Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Down Time

I'm taking a bit of down time this morning--it's been an hour since I got up and I've done not a single productive thing. Weeeeee! And I don't think that is a bad thing either.

Last week was Spring Break, and no, I didn't get stuck in the lab all week, thank goodness! I did do some work on learning PHP and MySql and getting the rudiments of one of the website pages ready to show in the presentation on Tuesday. But I did most of that from my own computer--since all this stuff is open source, it's free for the downloading. :)

Since the semester has gotten busy, I haven't given religion or irreligion hardly any thought--for those of you who come here to read my thoughts on that topic. I haven't gone to any church for the last several weeks--thought on many occations that was a result of being up all night with Jim on a few Saturday night. Good times :)

Speaking of which, we went to a crazy party at Jim's friend's house last Saturday night. For me, it was the sort of party I always have heard about but I'd never actually been to one. Except for the Marti Gras party. LOL They had a band and there was a lot of alcohol going around. Me and one other girl in the house were apparently the only ones who didn't tie one on, thought I did get a bit tipsy before midnight. I'm just not a big drinker.

Anyway . . . there were some interesting events at the party. For one thing, there were a couple of old matching sofas that ended up in strange places--one on the roof and one in the tree out back. No telling who did it. ;)

The party came to a crashing halt when there was an apparent misunderstanding and a fight, and the cops showed up. To be perfectly honest, I'd never seen anything like this and came a bit unwound for a while. Didn't know what the hell to do. It turned out alright though. I wanted to leave--as I was sober and had no qualms about driving Jim's car, but he didn't want to leave his buddies in that situation. And I respected him for it and just resigned to hanging out all night. There was a lot of talking on cellphones trying to make sense of it all and reconcile some friends who had been involved. I don't know how that has turned out yet . . .

Anyway, I'm going to need to get off the computer and get ready for work. I am now working for the insurance adjuster, and getting better at my job. It's good stuff--I wouldn't even have to go in a 9am today if I didn't want to, but it's a good time for me and I said I'd be there. So I'd better get moving.

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