Thursday, March 10, 2005

an update

I'm now sitting in my finance classroom with 20 minutes to class time, my laptop, and wireless access. And a slight urge to post an update on my blog. So here goes.

School is still busy, though I finally have Spring Break next week. W00t!

For any of you who are interesting in programming, we changed from ASP.NET to PHP in the CIS development project. So I now have have the Apache web server and PHP5 installed on my computer--and I'm having a good time fooling with them. I'm debating whether or not I will install MySql, or just use the class DB server. I mainly don't want to get stuck in the lab during break. Anyway, since so many techical issues have been up in the air, we have got a bit of a break.

As far as the work situation goes, I'm now working as an independent contractor for an insurance adjuster near where I live. I get to work whatever hours I want, and that rocks!

Things are still going well with Jim. I love you :-*

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