Tuesday, February 22, 2005

signs that you may be a senior CIS student at UofL . . .

Sorry, if you are not a senior CIS student at UofL, much of this will make no sense to you. LOL

  • If the thought of ever trying to order a beer in SQL has ever crossed your mind.

  • If you have ever had a professor suggest that he could fix a fauset because he knows SQL.

  • If you refer to the CIS lab as either the trenches or the dungeon.

  • If you think there is something funny about the mention of Keystone . . .

  • If you are half convinced that one of your professors is a robot built by another professor, who is himself a robot from another planet. And that when the former professor goes off on weird tangents, like suddenly talking about the merits of CIS students marrying each other in the middle of a lecture about SQL, it's because the latter experienced a glitch.

  • If you've had a professor say you can't swing a cat without hitting a database.

  • SkipJack! (groan)

  • "Read the damn book!"

  • If most of your social life revolves around the computer lab.

  • If you are in the CIS lab past midnight on a regular basis (more a sign that you are in CIS420).

  • If the above situation doesn't really bother you much. Really.

  • If you have ever laughed when a professor in a different department warned you that his class will be the hardest you have ever taken.

I'll post more as I think of things. Just to give you a taste of what my school life is like lately. It's alright, really. :-)


David said...

You were right! That made no sense to me *laughing* ;)

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah!!! This is probably the best description of CIS.


Nic said...

Hah.. . It makes sense to me. I graduated in May 04 and I can attest to the merits of 2 CIS students getting married. ;)