Wednesday, February 02, 2005

a new flame

I feel good right now. For one thing, I still have that energized feeling you get from exercising--since I have managed to maintain my goal of exercising about six days a week for one month now. I've been doing some yoga (out of a book) and using an elliptical machine. I have found that exercising makes a great study break, especially when you get tired of sitting still so long or get stiff at the computer.

But that is not the main thing that is on my mind right now. It looks like I have found myself a new flame. We met online. Actually he sent me a message right on the last day before my subscription run out. I sent him a message and told him that he'd better send me his e-mail address if he wanted to hear from me any more! LOL It turned out to be a good move. Today was our fourth date--we went shopping for Mardi Gras beads (he's going there tomorrow! And to think I'm stuck in class! LOL), and got some seafood, and shopped around in Ear X-Tacy (in case you're not from Louisville, that is a local CD store--the best one in town IMO). We drove around town and laughed our heads off over a lot of silly stuff. And I think he is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. :)


Ruthie said...


I love that wonderful warm fuzzing feeling of having a new flame :)

The flame in my life is not so new - I'm in a very happy relationship of almost a year. Sadly we're having to spend time apart at the moment with me studying in the States and him still being in England :(

But I'm happy for you (if a little jealous!)

Happy dating!


coffee goddess said...

I have been so busy addressing the keen metaphysical discussions that I have neglected to comment on this peice of personal news. Good on you!