Monday, February 07, 2005

need coffee . . .

This has been one busy weekend. LOL
I've got a finance test, a group presentation, and a five page paper due tomorrow. I finally got the paper done today--at least I have a good working draft and the works cited and all that. I'll not do much more to it. I'm a little bit nervious about the finance test, but I've been studying for that enough already! I just hope he doesn't make it too difficult. And I've got to meet with my group for the presentation tonight at 7. I've had just about enough of school . . . I'd like to graduate this year.
Right now I'm sitting in the library at school taking a bit of a break. I should study for that test some more, but I don't think I can make myself concentrate on it. I'm also waiting for Jim to call, since he is getting back from Mardi Gras today. Last I talked to him it sounded like he'd had enough of wild partying. LOL I'm ready for him to come back. :)


coffee goddess said...

I'm grinding and brewing right now...coffeeeeeeeeee!

coffee goddess said...

Boy, you really do need that coffee!

Wake up! I miss your blogs! (trying to find someway to pour liquid caffeine into the computer and telephone cords - doesn't work)