Friday, June 29, 2007

I've been tagged!

Stardust has tagged me with a new meme. Here are the rules, in my own words.
  1. First post the rules.
  2. Post eight (8) random facts/habits about oneself.
  3. Anyone who is tagged needs to write a new blog entry including the rules and their eight (8) facts/habits.
  4. Tag eight (8) other people with blogs to participate in the meme, and list their names at the end of the blog post.
  5. Leave a comment at each of the tagged blogs and let them know they have been tagged. Refer them to your blog post so they can read and find out what you are talking about.
So, here are my 8 random facts/habits:
  1. I ride the bus to work, and ride my bike from home to the bus stop and then from the last bus stop on to to work.
  2. I have a picture of Darwin posted in my computer/reading room.
  3. I have a current obsession with kayaking, and have shopped a lot for my own kayak. But I'm torn on how much I'm able to spend and where in my apartment I'd store the thing if I bought one.
  4. I'm a vegetarian, since April this year. I have not really even been tempted to go back to eating meat, much to my own surprise.
  5. I seldom listen to radio other than NPR anymore, and that is only when I'm in my car. Which is not often during the work week anymore.
  6. I am volunteering at Bernheim Forest and working though their Naturalist-In-Training program and learning all about how to connect people with nature. And I've been learning how to identify lots of locally native plants--It's been really fascinating!
  7. I get really pee'd off when someone still doesn't get that global climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed. And I need to learn to pick my battles!
  8. A lot of the times when I find a bug in my apartment, or elsewhere in a living place or car or something like that, I'll look closely at the bug and decide that it's actually really cool and I'm not going to kill it. I take it out if I can. Unless it's a tick, mosquito, or gnat--these can expect no mercy from me.
Alright--now I need to see if I can find eight other bloggers who have not already been tagged! It looks like pretty much the whole atheist blogroll has been infected already.
  1. Star of Star's Journal of Random Thoughts
  2. Contemplative Activist
  3. Action Skeptics
Ok, this is a lot of work. I think this meme has been very effective already--I'll add the other 5 later if I find any more willing hosts.

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Darwin's Dagger said...

Check out for a selection of inflatable kayaks. They don't handle quite as well as the hard shell varieties, but you can store one in an apartment closet.