Monday, June 04, 2007

What’s So Dangerous About Darwin?

Nice Unitarian sermon on Darwin. Even with quotes from Richard Dawkins. That just makes me feel all warm inside for some reason :)

What’s So Dangerous About Darwin?


Bunc said...

Hello, starstuff - I came across a comment from you on a blog which had Atheist jokes and followed the link here. Just saying hello!

Bunc said...

Bunc, sorry me again - just read the Unitarian sermon you linked to. I am more at the scientific atheist end of things but I just wanted to say how good it is too see that there are some theists who are rational.

The fact that your church doesnt feel the need to adhere to things like creationism and intelligent design to try to obscure what is one of the most succesful scientific theories of all time is a bit heartening.

Maybe there is some hope for reasonable dialogue between faith and science after all.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

Thanks for your comments. I find Unitarians not to be the typical religious group--many of them, including myself, are not theists at all even. But it seems to be that Unitarians for the most part hold on to the good bits about religion and reject the icky bits (like the rejection of science in favor of dogma). I'm a scientific atheist as well, and I (usually) feel at home there.