Thursday, October 11, 2007

crazy job search

This job search has been crazy. I've interviewed with five different companies--mainly contacts I gained though a couple different consulting companies I'm working with. It is the first time I've every interviewed at several places as once, and then had to juggle multiple has been quite the experience.

I interviewed with one company that I was really excited about since the interview went so well and I enjoyed talking to the people there. But then I accepted the offer from another company to come on as a contractor for six months--with the option of extending the contract beyond that. The only real reason I did it was because the other place were offering about $3,000 a year higher in wages, even though I didn't like their environment nearly as well. It was a bad move. I found out yesterday that they lost their biggest client, and are now not hiring (or taking on contractors, obviously.)

So I tried to go back to the other place--which had been my first choice to start with, and they had already extended an offer to someone else. :(

I do have another offer to fall back on however--such is the advantage of going to several interviews--and lucky for me it is still available. It wasn't quite the perfect situation I was hoping for but it's not bad, and it is definitely a good offer. I'm going to give it a chance.

Moral of this story--if you interview with a place and have a really good feeling about it, don't pass it up for more money! You might just get burned, like I was.

Note, of course, that I'm not mentioning any names, lest the companies or recruiters I've worked with find this blog.

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