Thursday, November 01, 2007

Anti-gay church to pay $11m for crashing funeral | Herald Sun

It's about time. I hope Westboro Baptist Church goes as bankrupt financially as they are morally.

Anti-gay church to pay $11m for crashing funeral Herald Sun

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Terri said...

It's good that they're finally having to pay for their hateful actions, but only because they're protesting at the funerals of America's unfortunate soldiers. When they spewed their hate at the funerals of aids victims, and Matthew Shephard's funeral no one said a thing.

The article does mention that there are only 70 members of this congregation and most are related to this hateful man. This is encouraging. In other words this kind of hate must be indoctrinated from birth for it to really hold.

The good news is that more and more of the heterosexual community is beginning to realize that the GLBT community is not that different. And we all unite in mourning our dead, straight or otherwise. Maybe someday people will realize how precious life is and quit wasting breath on inflicting more pain and suffering on others who follow a different path.

Phelps and his group are the antithesis of what Jesus taught, in fact they shouldn't even call themselves xtian - but rather Jewish fundamentalist - or the Taliban. Maybe we should send them to Saudi Arabia where they'd be much more "mainstream" in their hatred for freedom.