Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Colorado gunman scared co-workers 5 years ago, one says - CNN.com

I just can't help commenting on this...

He said Murray was told in December 2002 he would not be allowed to join a mission trip to Bosnia. That was five days after Murray performed a pair of dark rock songs at a concert at the mission that made fellow workers "pretty scared," according to Werner.

The performance -- which included a song by rock band Linkin Park and another that had been recorded by controversial rocker Marilyn Manson -- followed months of strange behavior, Werner said

I used to belong a evangelical group with similar beliefs as this "Youth With a Mission" group. When I was in there, I was terrified of stuff like metal and industrial music. However, now I know there is nothing there to fear...except the fear you create in your own mind. If they were so worried about his 'wierd behavior'--they claim that he even said he was hearing 'voices'--then why didn't they get him some help? I have to suspect, very strongly, that the news media is not reporting the whole story. Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson songs are not going to cause a guy to shoot people in a church, though (knowing how these people think) I'm sure a lot of people will assume the songs influenced him in some dark and sinister way. I'd be interested in knowing what really happened in this young man's life to lead to such an attrocious act.

Colorado gunman scared co-workers 5 years ago, one says - CNN.com


infoninja said...

I you're interested his blogs have been compiled here, http://www.thoughttheater.com/2007/12/murray_had_confrontation_at_new_life_church_in_200.php
It provides a real in-depth view into Matt's mind and the abuse, seclusion and sickness that is the American Taliban (evangelical movement).

He was questioning his sexuality and his religion - oops - and was obviously ostracized by his "faith" community. My heart really goes out to this boy. No one, not even his own mother or his god, ever showed him real unconditional love. Maybe he has at last found peace in death.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

Wow, thanks. I'll have a look at that as soon as I get the time.