Friday, December 19, 2008

Interview with Edwin Kagan on Christian radio show

Here is an interview with Edwin Kagin of American Atheists on a show called "The American View." To give you a foretaste of the tone of this program, here is a snippet from their mission statement (the whole thing can be found on their website, linked at the bottom of the post):

To those who will accuse of us of desiring and trying to bring about “a Christian America,” we unashamedly plead guilty though the accusation is far too modest and somewhat muddled. To be sure, we desire a Christian America, and a Christian world, a Christian galaxy and a Christian universe. And, over time, by His grace, we hope to demonstrate that all these things already belong to the Lord Jesus Christ because He created them all and they are His property. This is why all knees must bow to the Lord and all tongues confess that He is the Lord — because He is!

The interview is about the Kentucky Homeland security lawsuit and atheism and government in general. Basically, Edwin completely pwns him on this show. It's rather fun to listen to the host getting hot under the collar every time Edwin catches him in a contradiction or tight spot. And you can tell Edwin is enjoying it, too.

Here are a few things to look for in the show:

  • Edwin quotes the Bible to John Lofton (the host) but the host just dismisses everything, saying that Edwin can't possibly understand the Bible because the things in the Bible are "spiritually discerned." Whatever that means.

  • The host claims that Christianity is not a religion, therefore acknowledging God in the country's laws is not "establishing religion." He even says, if I remember correctly, that he "hates religion."

  • The whopper comes at the end, where Edwin asks the host if he believes that people have the right to worship as they please and he denies it saying "There is no right to worship a false god!" When Edwin brings up that it is a right according to the First Amendment, the host says that must really be "holy writ" to him--and he obviously dismisses the idea that the Bill of Rights actually has any authority whatsoever in this area.

This is what my boyfriend had to say about the show.

...if you listen to anything, start at the 41st minute.

This shows how crazy the fundamentalists are.

"Government rulers should be ministers of god"

"Americans have no right to worship a false god..."


This is scary...

The show is here: The American View Interview with Edwin Kagin


John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

Actually, the "crazy" view is the view that government should be Godless -- which was the view of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and is the view of Mr. Kagin, Bush and Cheney.

John Lofton, Editor,

Mikayla Starstuff said...

Wow, I didn't know I'd be so honored as to have the host of the show comment on my post. I'm a bit surprised that anyone would accuse Bush of wanting a 'godless' government. Personally I think a godless democratic republic (as the USA is) is an absolutely wonderful idea.

Kozz said...

Here we go with the Stalin Hitler and Pol Pot. Someone should point out that these people were simply taking their cue from religion, and replacing dogma of God with their own personal political dogma. With so many sheep who have been fed a steady diet of religious for so long, they had a willing public. We need an end to all dogma, religious or otherwise, and we need more people unwilling to swallow it whole. This is the promise of Atheism.

To people like Mr. Lofton, any concession at all to secular society, is tantamount to treason. They would love to revisit the dark ages where they could simply burn heretics at the stake.

Enjoy your blog Mikayla, keep it up.

Kozz said...

Oh forgot to ask, what's it like being an Atheist in Kentucky? I live in a mostly Christian county in California, which is bad enough, but can't imagine Kentucky. Is it as bad as I imagine.