Friday, April 08, 2005

ahhhh . . .

I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and cheerful now than I have for the past week. It's been a good day, and a productive one. I got some school work done and went to work for a few hours. And Dad did some needed maintainance on my car. There's one thing to be thankful for--I've never been without a running car as long as I've had a license, thanks to Dad. And it's a good thing too--where I live I can't go anywhere without a car. The weather has been beautiful today too.

This may seem a strange thing to stick in here now, but Jim and I are parting ways. He says he wants to be alone for a while, and actually the idea doesn't sound to bad to me right now. It's a little sad, but I'm strangely alright with it.

Well, I'm looking forward to a very busy weekend. But first, I need to leave the computer and do a bit of reading.

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