Wednesday, April 06, 2005

odd moods

Emotions are strange things. . .

I've been under a bit more stress this semester than I'm used to dealing with. Also, it's getting close to graduation, I need a co-op and I'm not really sure what career I want to pursue. I dread the classic "where do you see yourself in 5 years" question. Sometimes I think what I want more than anything, as far as career goes, is to have a nice eight hour a day job. That way I can just go to work, do my job and then go home. And not be called in to work the middle of my family time or at 2:00 in the morning due to something or another. But is this something I can say in an interview? It doesn't sound very ambitious, does it? Maybe like I'm not going to put 100% of my effort into my career--because I'd like to have other things in my life too.
And does a desire for this kind of lifestyle rule out any chances of a job like systems administrator or DBA? A programming position would be nice, but I'm not sure of my ability. Systems development is really stressful (if my dev. project class is any clue).
Where am I going anyway? Maybe I should take one of those little personality tests that are supposed to tell you what your ideal career is. Maybe just settle for a little less money than I could be making. We'll see.

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday. It was not so much that the day was hard, but for some reason I was really depressed. There was a combination of stress over my finance class (which I'm not doing very well in compared to my usual)and a presentation for my development class (my portion of the project was still nonfunctional and giving errors--after spending about all my free time over the weekend working on it. Very frustrating.) I skipped my last class.

I'm feeling rather better today at least. I even woke up happy, had a good busy day at work and did a bit of studying when I got home. And then chilled out and watched some television. Life is alright.

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